Hotels and B&Bs

 Many entrepreneurs who have the dream of homestay have used containers to realize their dreams, through unique creativity, flipping the public's negative impression of the rough and simple containers, recombining the containers, using modern decoration style, and turning containers into charming homestay cottages with unique styles and "one box and one story".
Construction advantages, the use of containers to realize the dream of homestay has certain advantages, can adapt to local conditions, and the cost is less, and the flexibility is also high. Owners can use the money they save on the exterior structure to decorate the interior. The container itself has a high strength, the ability to bear the load even exceeds that of ordinary buildings, and it also has anti-corrosion and certain fire resistance.
The cost of container hotels and container B&Bs is cheaper than traditional buildings, the construction time is fast, and it can be reused without generating too much construction waste. Container hotels are cheap in cost, low in cost, and have the advantages of high mobility. Because the size of the container itself is fixed, each container can be used as a separate building or as a unit module of a building, which simplifies the construction process and is easy to assemble and disassemble.
Container hotels are not only green, time-saving, and flexible. Compared to traditional housing, it can provide more choices. In the event of a disputed location or a natural disaster, its mobility is a major advantage and can reduce property damage.