Knowledge related to container hotels DATE: 2024-2-1

As a logistics transportation tool for carrying goods, containers have transformed into highly creative and imaginative accommodation spaces in the hands of designers. Their charm lies in their industrial aesthetic appearance and the ever-changing spatial forms.
It is said that the world's first container hotel was built by a company under the Wyndham Hotel Group, and all containers were manufactured in China. In fact, China has been widely using containers for a long time, and its true technological strength is more flexible. Therefore, container hotel design is a new commercial form with great fashion value.
According to reports, this recyclable hotel is located near Oxbridge in the West End of London. It is reported that every room in the hotel is made of high-strength containers, which are slightly larger in size than ordinary standard containers. When building a building, construction workers only need to stack modular containers from low to high like "building blocks" one by one, and then use screws to tie them together. Then install the doors and windows, decorate and arrange them slightly, and add "threading" to the exterior facade of the building. Finally, with just a slight decoration on the exterior of the building, the completed "Container Hotel" will look no different from the other 330 ordinary hotels in the group. By 2020, Travelodge Group will build hotels at a rate of 40 per year, half of which will be container hotels. Saving time, money, and environmental protection is expected to trigger the "accommodation revolution"