Do you know container hotels, also known as mobile hotels DATE: 2024-2-1

Container hotels are also known as mobile houses because they can be moved as a whole. They combine the advantages of all activity rooms and are dedicated to developing new generation products based on ordinary activity rooms. They are beautiful, generous, cost-effective, and look like a container, which can be moved at any time and anywhere. The price is suitable for a wide range of people. There are many characteristics of container houses that are worth exploring one by one.
1. The structure of the container house is safe and reliable: a unified solid overall structure and an intact and complete box structure enable the container house to withstand the level 11 storm and be at ease in the storm.
2. Container house installation is simple and fast: Container houses are pre designed and have a unique structural system, making container house installation extremely simple, saving time and effort, greatly improving your work efficiency!
3. Convenient packaging and transportation for container houses: Container hotels have already fully considered packaging and transportation issues in their design, so after scientific and reasonable design and processing, they can provide the best loading mode, greatly saving transportation space and costs.
4. Waterproofing of Container House Roofs: The roof of container houses adopts a centralized drainage design, with rain troughs and watershed designs, so there is no need for you to do additional waterproofing treatment. As for the risk of roof leakage and rain, there is no need to worry. In the wind and rain, we still provide you with a warm living and working environment.
5. Container house insulation: In the scorching summer, rainy and hot weather, as well as the biting winter wind, it can be confusing. However, the enclosure board of the container house is made of insulation materials, which can prevent cold in winter and insulate in summer, ensuring warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
6. Container houses have a tight structure and are resistant to moisture and corrosion: The structural design of container houses conforms to scientific theories and is not only significant in civil engineering mechanics theory. In terms of chemical physics, it is also quite significant that the structural surface of container houses has undergone anti-corrosion and rust prevention treatment, and the color steel composite board itself has good moisture-proof and anti-corrosion performance, greatly enhancing the service life of container houses.
7. Convenient movement of container houses: As an independent and sturdy main body, container houses do not need to be disassembled after installation and can be lifted and transported as a whole. After interior decoration, it becomes magnificent and is known as a movable small villa, which is the origin of mobile villas.