Understand the key points and advantages of container hotel design DATE: 2024-2-1

Nowadays, containers as a type of housing have become popular in the market. Therefore, based on the traditional container design, continuous improvement has been made in the design, and some container hotels have also begun to appear in the market. So, what are the main issues to consider in the design process of this hotel?
1、 Sound insulation materials.
Usually, tourists staying in container hotels hope to have a quiet environment during their travels and do not want to be disturbed by the environment or neighbors. Therefore, the selection of container materials should not only have a high level of robustness, but also address noise issues.
2: The layout of the appearance design.
Although containers are all square, in order to achieve certain landscape results, it is still possible to create richer and more diverse features in the layout of the appearance. The layout of the display will be more reasonable, and the practical functions will also be significantly improved. After mastering the exterior design, I feel that every aspect will become more distinctive. I hope the layout of the exterior can attract more customers to stay.
3: The combination of external colors.
Container homestays are mostly built in natural scenic areas or resorts, in order to have more charm and characteristics in terms of external color.
Advantages of container hotels:
1. Flexibility: By utilizing the modularity of containers, it is possible to build quickly and easily;
2. Rust resistance: The transportation box is made of weather resistant steel, which has excellent corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance compared to ordinary metal parts;
3. Certification: As a container for temporary construction, the certification procedures are simple;
4. Fashion: Although sparrows are small and complete, their containers can still meet many daily needs through craftsmanship and correct design;
5. Personal: The appearance design is more creative and pleasing to the eye; Very suitable for creative building clusters.