How to improve the comfort of container houses? DATE: 2024-2-1

1. The position of doors and windows should be reasonable. Bright lighting and a good environment are essential conditions for a comfortable life. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of container houses, all doors and windows should be opened in reasonable positions during the construction process. The north-south direction has sunlight, which can prevent indoor temperatures from getting too high due to long-term sunsets, and the windows facing south are also well ventilated.
2. The insulation layer should be suitable. Compared with traditional residential buildings, the thickness of the water tank is thinner, and the thermal conductivity of the metal is higher, so it is weaker in insulation compared to traditional residential buildings. So, in order to improve the comfort of living, when building a house with handicrafts, it is necessary to do a good job of insulation layer and apply excellent insulation materials to ensure that everyone is warm in winter and cool in summer. Summer at home.
3. We want to make the container room more comfortable, not only by setting up an open kitchen, but also by paying attention to the reasonable design of the chimney to prevent the spread of oil fumes in the room, which can contaminate the clothes with oil fumes. In addition, please use sturdy and leak proof kitchen hoses.